Suppleo is the high quality complementary feed line for dogs and cats, which is based on a patented technology dedicated to their well-being, in all phases of their life.

A complete range that helps maintain the natural well-being of our four-legged friends’ bodies, also supporting them in aging and supporting them in restoring physiological homeostasis or balance during treatments and therapies.
The best way to reciprocate the affection they give you every day.

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Our products

Suppleo is the new range of complementary pet foods for dogs and cats
based on Italian Fc-Cubes® technology patented by Friulchem

Immune system

The function of the immune system of our pet companions is similar to ours: it protects the body from both disease and infection.
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Biological aging is characterized by a progressive accumulation of oxidative damage and by a detection of endogenous antioxidant defense mechanisms.
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Dietary factors have a major role in the maintenance of healthy coat and skin, and are significant in the etiology and therapy of certain skin diseases.
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The importance of a defense system for health

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Zoonoses: what are they and how to protect yourself

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Our news


Suppleo Mind, a complementary feed for dogs and cats to enhance brain function and healthy ageing, is a natural aid to improve and support cognitive performance in pets. Many nutrients are essential for maintaining for the structure and function of the brain, which includes cognition.
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The new range of Suppleo complementary feed - aimed at preserving the mobility of cats and dogs.
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Part of the new Suppleo line for canine and feline health, a line dedicated to urinary tract health. Suppleo has chosen an exclusively online sales channel.
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