About us


Experience And Collaboration

Friulchem is an innovative SME in the chemical-pharmaceutical B2B and private P2P sector. For over 20 years we have been involved in research, development and production of original and generic pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use.

We collaborate with various international leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to our ability to merge research and development with solid business opportunities. The goal we set ourselves on a daily basis is to provide our partners with the best products to help strengthen their position in their respective markets.

We are always focused on development of new projects and niche products that lead us to expand our portfolio and collaborations.

Over the years, the company has accompanied this work with the autonomous development of drugs and feeds, thanks to strengthening of the “research and development” area of the internal analysis laboratory: the industrial production of Friulchem brand complementary feeds in the form of granules and mixtures for livestock and Fc-Cubes® highly palatable chewable tablets for pets (dogs and cats) falls under this area.

Research & development

Study and Innovation

Our research and development division has been recognized as one of the high-value laboratories of our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia. A facility that can offer external services to third-party companies.

The quality control laboratory consists of a chemical unit and a microbiological unit. It performs strict controls on raw materials, during the manufacturing process and on end products, and is equipped with the most advanced instrumentation.

Our goal is to attract and unite partners, urging them to share values and guidelines in order to create a system of shared beliefs and significance.



Veterinary Division

Support and Protection

The Friulchem plant, designed in full compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), is authorized to produce both complementary feed and pharmaceutical products.

One of Friulchem’s specializations is the creation of veterinary products and complementary feeds in the form of highly palatable chewing tablets, whose flagship brand is Suppleo. Suppleo is the new range of complementary pet foods for dogs and cats based on Italian Fc-Cubes® technology patented by Friulchem.

Suppleo, thanks to the technological contribution of Friulchem, has developed a differentiating production method which allows us to achieve a product that is easily chewable for your pets. In addition, the careful selection of ingredients and high quality standards have made it possible to obtain a chewable tablet very palatable to dogs and cats.

The different product lines allow prevention of physical problems and support for the aging of our four-legged friends.