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The veterinarian replies
Doc. Gianluca D'Angelo

I am Gianluca D'Angelo veterinary doctor, for years I have been dealing with the health and welfare of small animals, I graduated and specialized in Naples where I started my business by first attending the university clinic and then various small animal clinics. Since 2008 I have been Health Director of the D'Angelo Veterinary Clinic where I carry out surgery and internal medicine with my team. The interest in teamwork and the sharing of work experiences led me a few years ago to conceive and implement '' Vet in Rete '' the first network of veterinary facilities created to offer the best to our pets.

The veterinarian replies
The breeder replies
Consuelo Costantino
expert in dog training, education and breeder

Enci dog trainer sect. 1, trainer and host of Retrievers and Spaniels in work trials and in expo, Consuelo Costantino has been breeding English Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels for years together with her partner Giovanni Majolino, owner of the affix "Della Lontra"

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