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If your dog drinks a lot (more than 1L of water a day for a weight of 10kg) and urinates a lot, there are clues for thinking about a kidney problem.

In a healthy animal, if there are no predisposing pathologies such as Leishmaniasis, the first kidney problems appear more commonly after 5 years of age.

Immune defenses allow animals to protect themselves from pathogens that come into daily contact with their bodies. Every time this type of defense fails to carry out its function in an optimal way, ilnesses can develop.

For this reason it is good to try to reinforce immune defenses with the appropriate complementary feed to permit the body to be ready for the moment when it comes in contact with pathogens.

It is important to strengthen the immune defences during the most stressful periods for your pet or as a result of travel and/or introduction of new members into the household.

Yes. There are breeds, especially those of large size, predisposed to the development of joint problems, both from a very young age and during growth, but especially in geriatric age.

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