The Suppleo line of products, dedicated to dogs and cats, has been enriched with the addition of Myspace’sblu, the fast acting odour neutralizing spray for spaces frequented by animals: in the house on rugs, carpets, and fabrics, inside the car, and even in crates, carriers and litter boxes.

Currently available on Amazon, Myspace’sblu is safe to use as it does not ruin fabrics and uses readily biodegradable and low toxicity ingredients to minimize environmental impact. Myspace’sblu is a bacterial concentrate combining ecological ingredients and microorganisms for specific applications to offer a tested, effective, and long-lasting treatment against bad odours.

The spray’s exclusive technology with advanced formulation functions not by covering odours but by attacking them in three ways and blocking them: the fragrance helps to immediately reduce bad odours, the formulation goes after them, binding the molecules and preventing them from being perceived by the nose, and, finally, the specific microorganisms contained in the spray produce extracellular enzymes which degrade organic material (for example, protein) where the product is applied. The degradation products are then absorbed by the cells of the microorganisms and used for growth. The slow decomposition of these materials, which would otherwise result in the formation of bad smelling compounds, cannot occur and the odours are neutralized at the source with biological action. These microorganisms have demonstrated to be able to degrade volatile fatty acids as well.

The high-quality, highly effective formulation, created to totally eliminate bad odours, makes Myspace’sblu ideal also for use in trash collection zones, bathroom areas and to neutralize other smells such as smoke.

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Suppleo is the new line of high-quality complementary feeds for dogs and cats, based on the patented

FC-Cubes ® technology from the Italian company Friulchem.

Active for over 20 years in the international healthcare market with a specific animal health division, Friulchem has leveraged its know-how and specialization to develop a patented preparation system which preserves the properties of the ingredients, even those most sensitive to heat or mechanical stress.

In Suppleo, Friulchem has combined their exclusive Fc-Cubes® technology with high-quality ingredients and attentive research on the needs of dogs and cats: the result is a line of specific products, a concentrated source of nutrients to support the good health of beloved pets. A complete line which helps to maintain the natural well-being of the animal in all phases of life, supporting dogs and cats in old age and during treatments and therapies.

Friulchem operates in the factory in Vivaro (Pordenone) dedicated exclusively to animal health.

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