Urinary tract infections among dogs and cats are one of the main reasons you visit the veterinarian: for the well-being of the urinary tract, Suppleo, the new Italian brand of high-quality complementary feed, has developed the Urinary line.

Our pets frequently face problems such as infections, trauma, stones, urethral obstruction, also resulting from the use of drugs, stress and generalised diseases such as diabetes, tumours, as well as hormonal and autoimmune conditions that involve the urinary system and compromise its functionality.

Highly appetizing, chewable tablets offered by this line are a valuable help to counteract bacterial colonization of the low urinary tract, a problem that often occurs over time. The combination of active ingredients in Suppleo Urinary contribute to the improved health of dogs and cats: among these, cranberry pulp and D-mannose function to prevent and eliminate bacteria, while Melofeed melon pulp and Alkosel organic selenium support repair of damage to the mucous of the urinary tract and help the immune defenses.

Through careful research on the precise needs of the most beloved pets, Suppleo has developed differentiated solutions for dogs and cats in which the effectiveness of the components is protected by the patented Fc-Cubes® technology: the result of long-standing experience in the animal health sector, this allows the preservation of sensory properties and activity of ingredients.

Suppleo Urinary acts to keep four-legged friends healthy in two ways: it aids prevention, reducing the risk of bacterial infections in the urinary tract, more frequent in female cats and dogs; at the same time it is also useful to restore the normal functionality of a urinary tract affected by an infection and can be used in conjunction with specific therapies.

Suppleo Urinary: for cats, in 0.55g weight, and for different sized dogs in 0.55g and 1.10g tablets.

Company profile

Suppleo is the new range of high quality complementary feed for dogs and cats based on Italian Fc-Cubes® technology patented by Friulchem.

Active for more than 20 years in the international healthcare market with a specific animal health division, Friulchem has put their know-how and specialization to use by developing a patented system of preparation that preserves the activity of ingredients, even those most sensitive to temperatures or mechanical stresses.

In Suppleo, Friulchem has brought together the exclusive Fc-Cubes® technology, high-quality ingredients and careful research on the needs of dogs and cats: the result is a line of specific products, a concentrated source of nutrients to support the good health of the most beloved pets. A complete range that helps to maintain the natural well-being of the organism at all stages of life, supporting dogs and cats even in aging and during treatments and therapies.

Friulchem operates in the production plant in Vivaro (Pordenone) exclusively dedicated to animal health.

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