As joint problems in cats and dogs can affect their quality of life, in addition to their freedom of movement and behaviour, Suppleo has created Joint Comfort, the highly-palatable complementary feed that can be given to these pets without having to make any changes to their diet.

Maintaining joint mobility is not only essential for older dogs and cats; in fact, all age groups are at risk: puppies and kittens (especially those suffering from joint dysplasia), adults (that are obese or overexerted) and seniors with physiological joint deterioration which progresses slowly and insidiously.

Many factors can alter the balance of the joint system and seriously compromise the mobility of our four-legged friends. Various factors can contribute to the onset of arthritis:

• Susceptibility, such as genetic or breed predisposition.

• Trigger events, such as trauma or illness.

• Aggravating circumstances, such as obesity, age and joint wear.

Regardless of the cause, the common denominator of all its manifestations is pain.

Joint Comfort is part of the new Suppleo complementary feed range dedicated to cat and dog health care. When used for prevention purposes or in conjunction with therapies, it is an innovative and effective joint homeostasis-maintaining aid, able to maintain its own characteristics in a balanced state, even as the external conditions change.

Joint Comfort uses the patented Fc-Cubes® technology – the result of long-standing experience in the animal health sector – which allows the organoleptic properties and active ingredients to be preserved. The tablets are designed for even the fussiest cats and dogs – as far as their diet is concerned – as their eating routines will remain the same.

The formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin which help maintain cartilage and connective tissue health, improve joint mobility and lubrication and reduce the effects of physiological wear, thus resulting in less joint pain which in turn, ensures a better quality of life.

In order to increase the Joint Comfort formula’s efficiency, Osteol is also used; a Nexira-developed ingredient consisting of bioactive milk proteins. Furthermore, the Melofeed melon juice concentrate helps limit the damage caused by the formation of free radicals during excessive physical exertion, inflammatory processes or oxidative stress.

Suppleo Joint Comfort is in the following doses: 0.55 g tablets for cats and 0.55 g and 1.10 g tablets for dogs (depending on their size).

Company profile

Suppleo is the new range of high-quality complementary feed for cats and dogs based on the Fc-Cubes® technology patented by Italian company Friulchem.

Due to more than 20 years in the international healthcare market with a specific animal health division, Friulchem has put their know-how and specialisation to use by developing a patented preparation system that preserves the active ingredients, including those most sensitive to temperature or mechanical stresses.

Friulchem has combined the exclusive Fc-Cubes® technology with high-quality ingredients and thorough research on the needs of dogs and cats to create Suppleo: the result is a range of specific products with a concentrated source of nutrients to promote the health of our beloved pets. A complete range that helps to maintain the pet’s natural well-being during all life stages by supporting dogs and cats during their later years and whilst undergoing treatment and therapy.

Friulchem operates in its production facility – exclusively dedicated to animal health – in Vivaro (Pordenone), Italy.

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