The skin is one of the most important organs in the canine and feline body. It is crucial for the provision of a wide range of functions. These include the following:

  • Effective barrier to prevent loss of water, electrolytes and macromolecules;
  • Mechanical protection from chemical, physical and microbial demage;
  • Elasticity to allow movement;
  • Production of adnexa, e.g. hair and claws;
  • Nerve sensors to allow the perception of heat, cold pressure, pain and itch;
  • Temperature regulation;
  • Storage of vitamins, electrolytes, water, fat, carbohydrates and protein;
  • Immune regulation to prevent development of infection and neoplasia;
  • Antibacterial and antifungal activity;
  • Vitamin D production;
  • Pigment production to protect against solar damage.

The appearance of skin and coat is influenced by nutrients such as proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Any imbalance in these can disrupt the barrier function and immune protection provided by the skin.



Complementary feed for dogs and cats that helps to preventand counteract skin changes SUPPLEO BIO SKIN is in the form of highly palatable chewable tablets for both dogs and cats.


  • SCHIZOCHYTRIUM ALGAE: natural source of omega-3 fatty acids that support healthy skin
  • BIOTIN: Promotes an optimal hydration and support healthy skin, coat and nails
  • ZINC: for the correct functioning of the skin’s metabolism and to promote its health
  • VITAMIN E and : to mantein the metabolism of the cells of the immune system efficient and to counteract the damage caused by stress and free radicals
  • Melon juice concentrate, 100% natural, rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase , both primary enzymes of the antioxidant defense system.

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