Highly palatable chewable tablets for the well-being of the lower urinary tract. 

Complementary cat feed in 0.55g format.

Read the label for administration. 

Container of 30 tablets – Price 25 €

COMPOSITION: Hydrolyzed animal protein (liver), sodium pyrophosphate, yeast, glycerine, 7.3% D-mannose, hydrogenated palm oil, 5.5% cranberry pulp, tallow, yeast, sodium chloride, 0.7% MELOFEED®*, bovine gelatin, pre-gelatanized corn starch, rapeseed oil, mint.

ADDITIVES PER KG: Nutritional additives: Trace elements: Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397 selenium yeast 3b811, inactivated (0.40 mg of selenium total).

ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: protein: 21.9g/100g, raw fiber: 3.5g/100g, raw fat: 12.8g/100g, raw ash: 15.4g/100g


*(Products obtained from melon processing, hydrogenated palm oil, E460)

Suppleo Urinary

Instructions for use:

Administer directly or mix with the daily food ration for 20-30 days (read the label).

Always leave fresh water available. 


SUPPLEO URINARY can be administered alone or in association with specific therapies and diets.

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